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PrP vs Cortisone Injection for Bursitis

What is Hip Bursitis?  Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the small, fluid-filled sacs, called bursae, that cushion the bones, tendons, and muscles near the joints. It occurs when the bursae become inflamed.  The most common locations are the shoulder, elbow, and hip. They are normally presented in joints that perform frequent repetitive movements.  […]

PrP Could be an Alternative Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease whose hallmark feature is a persistent symmetric polyarthritis (synovitis) that affects the hands and feet (see the image below).  Any joint lined by a synovial membrane may be involved, however, and extra-articular involvement of organs such as the skin, heart, lungs, and eyes can be […]

PrP Experimental Treatment may be the Hope of Early Menopause Pregnancy

  Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation resulting in the loss of ovarian follicle development. It is considered to occur when 12 menstrual cycles are missed, and  typically signals the end of a woman’s ability to become pregnant. Early menopause, iis described as the cessation of ovarian function at or before the age of […]

Multiple PRP Injections More Effective According to Study

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a major cause of pain and disability and is detrimental to the quality of life. Many non-invasive treatment options have been recommended to relieve symptoms and extend the quality of life and years of athletic activity for those with OA. Commonly used treatments include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), topical agents, and some […]

Platelet-Rich Plasma Prevent Infectious Process in Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds, defined as wounds that present with delayed healing, are considered to be a serious problem worldwide and are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality, and also have a huge economic impact. A great problem with these lesions is the colonization of bacteria and tha infection caused by. In general, chronic wounds are colonized […]

Use of Platelet Rich Plasma in Meniscus Repair

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) consists of two elements: plasma, or the liquid portion of blood, and platelets, a type of blood cell that plays an important role in healing throughout the body.  Platelets are well-known for their clotting abilities, but they also contain growth factors that can trigger cell reproduction and stimulate tissue regeneration or healing […]

Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder disorders are one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders in general practice. In regular practice, the incidence of shoulder disorders is approximately 12-25 per 1,000 cases seen per year.  Diagnoses of shoulder pain can include shoulder impingement syndrome, calcific tendinitis, and adhesive capsulitis. Shoulder impingement syndrome accounts for 44-65% of the cases.  What is […]

Platelet-Rich Plasma Use for Sports Injuries in Young Athletes

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus are intra-articular structures that have an inadequate healing capacity. Due to the high involvement of these structures in the knee mobility and stability, injuries at this site have always posed a challenge, with multiple treatment protocols that have been modified throughout the years.  Use of Biological Products  Biological […]

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common peripheral entrapment neuropathy. The gradual ischemia resulting from high pressure with accompanying compression of the median nerve (MN) within the carpal tunnel is thought to contribute to the pathogenesis of CTS.  CTS can cause inflammation of the intercarpal tendon including the flexor pollicis longus, deep and superficial […]