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There Is a Gender Gap Between Women and Men When It Comes to Exercise

A new study from the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai shows there is a gender gap between women and men when it comes to exercise. Investigators analyzed data from 412,413 U.S. adults utilizing the National Health Interview Survey database. Participants between the time frame of 1997 to 2019 — 55% of whom were female — […]

People Experience More Health and Wellbeing Issues When They Feel Overwhelmed by Stressful Situations

People who tend to view stressful situations as a threat are more likely to experience health and wellbeing problems, both mental and physical, than those who see them as a challenge, according to new research. The research explored stress appraisals, health and wellbeing of 395 sport performers through an online survey. The researchers believe the […]

Benefits of Resistance Exercise Training in Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

A new study by researchers at University of Limerick in Ireland and at Iowa State University has demonstrated the impact resistance exercise training can have in the treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms. The researchers said there was “exciting evidence” that resistance exercise training may be an accessible alternative therapy to improve anxiety and depression […]

Feeling Depressed Linked to Short-Term Increase in Body Weight

Increases in symptoms of depression are associated with a subsequent increase in body weight when measured one month later, new research from the University of Cambridge has found. Research has suggested a connection between weight and mental health but the relationship is complex and remains poorly understood, particularly in relation to how changes in an […]

Insights Into a Key for Stabilizing the Body’s Circadian Rhythms

Scientists have identified a protein in the visual system of mice that appears to be key for stabilizing the body’s circadian rhythms by buffering the brain’s response to light.  Scientists have long known that most living things have a circadian “clock,” a set of biological rhythms that operate on about a 24-hour cycle and that […]

Insights into New Genetic Link Between Anorexia Nervosa and Being an Early Riser

New research indicates that the eating disorder anorexia nervosa is associated with being an early riser, unlike many other disorders that tend to be evening-based such as depression, binge eating disorder and schizophrenia. Previous research has suggested a possible connection between eating disorders and the body’s internal clock, or circadian clock, which controls a wide […]

Air Pollution Speeds Bone Loss from Osteoporosis

Elevated levels of air pollutants are associated with bone damage among postmenopausal women, according to new research. The effects were most evident on the lumbar spine, with nitrous oxides twice as damaging to the area than seen with normal aging. Previous studies on individual pollutants have suggested adverse effects on bone mineral density, osteoporosis risk, […]

Wildfires Could Have Erased Air Quality Gains Over the Past Two Decades and Caused an Increase in Premature Deaths

A new study has tabulated the toll from two decades of wildfires on air quality and human health in the continental U.S. The authors report that from 2000 to 2020, the air has worsened in the western U.S., mainly due to the increase in frequency and ferocity of wildfires causing an increase of 670 premature […]

Correlation Between Exposure to Heavy Metals in Food and the Risk of Cancers and Other Serious Health Risks

The problem of foodborne metal contamination has taken on new urgency, thanks in part to a 2021 US Congressional Report detailing high levels of metals found in infant food pulled off grocery shelves.  Food crops can absorb heavy metals from contaminated soil, air, and water. As a result, traces of dangerous heavy metals — lead, […]