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Ultra-Processed Foods May Play a Part in Feeling Anxious

Although ultra-processed foods are convenient, low cost, quick to prepare or ready-to-eat, these industrial formulations of processed food substances contain little or no whole food. They result from extensive ‘physical, biological, and chemical processes’ that create food products that are deficient in original and natural food.  Researchers explored a nationally representative sample of the United […]

Low Sexual Satisfaction in Middle Age May Serve as an Early Warning Sign for Future Cognitive Decline

A study, which tracked associations between erectile function, sexual satisfaction and cognition in hundreds of men aged 56 through 68, found that declines in sexual satisfaction and erectile function were correlated with future memory loss. The study explored the relationship between physical changes like the microvascular changes relevant for erectile function, and psychological changes, such […]

Obesity Increases Risk of Mental Disorders in All Age Groups

Being obese significantly increases the chances of also developing mental disorders.  “We analyzed a population-wide national registry of inpatient hospitalizations in Austria from 1997 to 2014 in order to determine the relative risks of comorbidities in obesity and identify statistically significant sex differences,” explains Elma Dervic of the Complexity Science Hub. Consequently, it became evident […]

Older People Have Better Mental Well-Being Than 30 Years Ago

This was observed in a study conducted at the Gerontology Research Center in Finland. The study examined differences in depressive symptoms and life satisfaction between current 75- and 80-year-olds and the same-aged people who lived in the 1990s. The results showed that 75- and 80-year-old men and women today experience fewer depressive symptoms than those […]

Living Seaside May Better Health

Using data from 15 countries, new research led by Sandra Geiger from the Environmental Psychology Group at the University of Vienna confirms public intuition: Living near, but especially visiting, the seaside is associated with better health regardless of country or personal income. As part of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project Seas, Oceans, and Public Health […]

How Watching the Clock Impacts Insomnia

The research, led by Spencer Dawson, clinical assistant professor and associate director of clinical training in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, focuses on a sample of nearly 5,000 patients presenting for care at a sleep clinic. Participants completed questionnaires about the severity of their insomnia, their use of […]

Taking Care of Your Teeth Could Help Prevent Chronic Joint Pain

When Rice University computational biologist Vicky Yao found traces of bacteria associated with periodontal disease in samples collected from rheumatoid arthritis patients, she was not sure what to make of it. Her finding helped spark a series of experiments that confirmed a connection between arthritis flare-ups and periodontitis.  “Data gathered in experiments from living organisms […]

Diet High in Fruit and Vegetables Linked to Lower Miscarriage Risk

Researchers at the University of Birmingham, analyzed 20 studies which explored women and birthing people’s eating habits in the months before and shortly after conceiving a baby to see whether these studies showed evidence of association with a lower or higher chance of miscarriage. The Research team concluded that there is evidence to suggest a […]

Early Signs That May Help Predict ADHD Risk

Information available at birth may help to identify children with higher likelihood of developing ADHD, according to new research from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences. The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study is an ongoing study of children in the US, born between 2005 and 2009. Children were enrolled to the study at […]